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Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy Football Game – Syracuse University (SU) & West Virginia University (WVU)

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Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy Football Game – Syracuse University (SU) & West Virginia University (WVU)
School football is novel in the viewpoint that there are such countless chronicled contentions including contradicting universities that are in numerous cases just a short drive away. Further adding to the intriguing dynamic of the competition relationship is that in school football these enemies just contend with one another once every schedule year, in this way expanding the expectation and the flavor of triumph or the anguish of the loss considerably more extraordinary. With respect to the Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy that is granted yearly to the champ of the Syracuse University (SU) Orange versus West Virginia Mountaineers (WVU) challenge there is really the memory of a persuasive man memorialized each time the game or prize is examined. The regarding of a particular individual in the naming of this venturing out prize is extraordinary to different competitions that regularly name their prizes after ridiculous fantasies just like the case with the Battle for Paul Bunyan's Ax (played between the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin) and the Battle for the Golden Boot (played between the University of Arkansas and LSU). baccarat In different occasions rather than decides to respect a regarded person who has died schools rather choose to name their voyaging prizes after dynamic ideas like the Founder's Cup (played between Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Chicago). Ben Schwartzwalder was a football player at West Virginia University (WVU) as a young and a refined head football trainer at Syracuse University (SU) as a grown-up. Mr. Schwartzwalder died in June of 1993 not long after praising his 84th birthday celebration. In recognition of the late persuasive football character West Virginia University and Syracuse University started perceiving the one who affected both of the schools by respecting him through naming a voyaging prize after him. The prize, which was etched by a previous Syracuse football player who played eight years in the NFL (Jim Ridlon), gauges a bold 55 pounds which is amusing thinking about that Schwartzwalder was known for being a modest player when he played focus at WVU at just 146 pounds. The debut Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy was won by the place of graduation of the namesake when WVU ruled SU in a 43-0 pounding in 1993. Of the 17 challenges that have been played for the Ben Schwartzwalder Trophy the West Virginia Mountaineers have a telling series lead with eleven successes to six that the Syracuse Orange have.

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