Why a Job As a HGV Driver May Be Right for You

Why a Job As a HGV Driver May Be Right for You


‘Britain is in the middle of the recession.’ How many times have you heard that quote? ‘8 million people out of work.’ How many times Cheap HGV medical in Stoke-on-Trent have you heard that nugget of information too?

The UK is full of doom and gloom. Houses prices are at an extremely low level, people can’t get mortgages without huge deposits and the banks are just generally not lending money. It all begs the question, what is actually going right?

One job market is flourishing more than ever however. This job market is the HGV driver job market. It is estimated that vacancies within the transport sector are up 60% year on year to a huge 87 thousand which a large percentage of these coming within the heavy goods vehicle sector. More surprising is the amount of unfilled jobs within the HGV driving sector which has risen to an all time high of over 25 thousand.

So why all the vacancies within a recession you may ask. Good question. HGV driving is not for everyone. It takes skill, precision within your driving and the ability to be comfortable within your own company for large periods of time. It tends to be just you, your radio and the open road. Of course this doesn’t appeal to everybody and some people need more human interaction than the radio or with other drivers at the service station.

There is however a long list of perks and positives attached to the job as a HGV driver and with the shortage of drivers set to increase, now may be the time for you to enter the HGV driving market.

What are the positives of the job?
Of course within a recession job security is a massive positive to been a HGV Driver. Not only will your job be secure but you will also be in extremely high demand considering the amount of vacancies there are. Companies are crying out for people who hold a valid HGV driving license and are competing with each other to get your signature on the contract. You will be in a position where you can cherry pick the job which is right for you. Salary, job location, working hours. It really does go in your favour.

Secondly working hours. Most HGV driving jobs allow for flexible working hours which is fantastic if you have a young family. Many people are apprehensive about this career as they think of long nights away from the family and no free time to be with the loved ones. Although you will spend time away from the family you will be given flexible working hours. Even better you may be able to structure your work around the family so you can always be at home for those all important birthdays.

Two further huge benefits are the pension schemes and medical cover. Most HGV driver job roles include a fantastic pension scheme and in most cases even private medical cover. Having private medical cover means you will have the best doctors and nurses looking after you and a pension scheme allows you to have peace of mind that you will be taken care of when you retire.

Finally the main benefit which everybody looks for in a job is pay of the job. Everybody is looking for financial security and although been a HGV driver won’t make you a millionaire it will provide you with a healthy income for you and your family. Acquiring a HGV license will make you available to receive a highly profitable in demand job. Common industry standard rates are on average around £600 a week. This is an absolutely fantastic rate of pay when you consider the further benefits the HGV driver job entails.

Where do I start?
For the perks, bonuses and benefits attached to the job the training period is relatively small. You’d think you would have to complete a college course or a university course for the positives within the role however the training period can be done quickly.

Fortunately a HGV driver can be qualified by completing a short theory test very similar to the traditional driving theory test followed by a five day training course. Once this course is complete you will be ready for your practical exam which lasts approximately 90 minutes. Should you successfully pass this then you will be ready to start work. It’s as simple as that. From applying for your provisional license to acquiring your full license the time period can be as little as three weeks to become a fully qualified HGV driver. With over 25 thousand vacancies, the perks involved within the job and the relatively quick training time the questions is not where do I start, its ‘When do I start!?’.

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