Blue Pills Shopping Guide – Do Not Buy Online Blue Pills Until You Read This Guide!

Blue Pills Shopping Guide – Do Not Buy Online Blue Pills Until You Read This Guide!


Buying Viagra Online: What You Need to Know

#1. Many herbal Viagra claims to be the natural and safe substitute for Viagra. But, these products often have no scientific proof or studies to back up their claims. If you take closer look at e-commerce site of herbal Viagra, you will see the following   Buy viagra UK    disclaimer: “Statements (or products) have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.”

#2. There are a lot of illegitimate internet pharmacies selling fake Viagra. These fake blue pills may contain undeclared and unnatural chemicals that pose dangerous side effects.

#3. Many online pharmacies are operated in foreign countries. They usually sell Viagra at much cheaper price. The problem is, the drugs may not FDA-approved or may be expired.

#4. Online pharmacies can’t sell you Viagra without evaluation and prescription from medical professionals. According to FDA, it is illegal. They are striking to crack down the operation of websites that make such dubious statement.

Buying Viagra Online: A Safety Guide

#1. The websites should contain either one of the security seals: Verisign and Truste Licensee. So what does a security seal mean? It indicates assurance of a company’s privacy policy to protect customers’ personal data (e.g address, phone number and credit card number). Before a company is certified, it needs to be reviewed and screened by independent organization.

Note: to verify the seal, you can click on the logo at the home page of a website. If it does not redirect you to another page for further explanation, then it is a fake seal.

#2. Only buy from website with VIPPS (Verified Internet Practice Sites) seal. The VIPPS program is voluntary program by National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). But, if you see VIPPS logo on websites, do not take for granted. You are recommended to verify the logo following the steps previously describe.

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